Who to Contact?

In the first instance, please make contact via our school app, Synergy.

You can download the app or use the link here.

First Aid and Medical Officer

Miss A. Keegan 

Student Welfare Officer

Mr S. Tipping

Attendance Team

Mr R. Foster and Mrs A. Pirnie


Head of Year 7

Mr N. Thompson

Mr D. King (Assistant Head of Year)

Head of Year 8

Mr S. Asif

Ms A. Young (Assistant Head of Year)

Head of Year 9

Mr R. Stevenson

Mrs L McGoldrick  (Assistant Head of Year)

Head of Year 10

Mr D. Pickup

Mrs A Healey (Assistant Head of Year)

Head of Year 11

Mr  J. Atkinson

Mrs M Bradley (Assistant Head of Year)


Mrs Z. Shah


Mrs J. Malloney


Mr A. Peasley

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms K. Pearce


Mr S. Kane


Mr J Davies


Mr A. Booth