Vision & Values

Our vision at The Farnborough Academy is that all of our students are developed into respectable and highly functioning members of society who know instinctively how to ‘Do the Right Thing’.

In order to support our students with this aspiration we build all of our activities as an academy around three core values:


  • We support students to gain high levels of academic achievement.
  • We help them prepare for future life through a unique and exceptional careers programme.
  • We work with stakeholders to develop links with the local community so we can work together to improve the life chances of young people in Clifton.



  • We have high aspirations for our students and believe we can support them to achieve their full potential, with this comes a culture of high expectations for students and staff.
  • We work with students and staff to help develop positive mental health and well-being alongside positive self-esteem.
  • We work with students and staff to develop resilience and help them to overcome setbacks when they occur.



  • We expect all stakeholders to have high levels of attendance and punctuality so that they can be successful.
  • We expect all stakeholders to develop and display positive behaviours for learning.
  • We expect high levels of effort at all times from all stakeholders.