Learning Support (SEND)

At Farnborough Spencer Academy we work closely as part of an inclusion team to identify and assess pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, to support pupils with learning difficulties and to advise teachers in the best ways to meet each individual’s needs. We currently cater for pupils with a wide variety of learning difficulties, together with physical and sensory needs, social, emotional and mental health issues.

Farnborough Spencer Academy has its own Learning Support Unit (LSU) which welcomes all pupils, but especially those who require additional support outside of the classroom environment. We provide breakfast, break, lunch and daily homework clubs to support pupils who may prefer a quieter environment. We have 6 Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who are highly skilled and passionate about the work that they do with individuals and small groups. This support may be part of your child’s lessons or as part of an intervention programme to help with the progress of literacy and numeracy.

SEND Reviews

We run half termly SEND specific parents evenings throughout the year where you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss your child and the support they are receiving. These evenings will not be to discuss your child’s subject progress but there will be members of the learning support team at all other parents evenings.