Remote Learning

January 2021

Wherever possible, we aim to deliver our planned curriculum and ensure that students’ academic progress continues and that the change in learning does not present a disadvantage to their future aspirations. Our primary remote learning offer is delivered through Google Classroom and this includes 4-6 hours of learning per day. We understand some of our students are still developing their independent learning and to sit in front of a computer for that long may be difficult. We ask for your support with remote learning by encouraging your child to complete as much work as possible in the time allocated for each lesson. If you are having difficulties and require further support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with subject teachers or the appropriate head of year.

Next week we are making a few changes to the timetables and are moving to a mixture of live lessons and google classroom work for all years. Each year group will now have one timetable which they will follow each week. Please check through the new timetable which can be found below carefully.  If your child does not currently study a subject (e.g. German, Music, Food Technology etc) then they do not need to take part in those sessions. The additional time should be used to catch up with any outstanding work. Your child’s class teacher will ensure that they are aware which class they are in. These changes are to ensure that our remote offer is the best it can be and we may make some more changes as we learn new things!

Please talk to your child about the online expectations we have for these lessons. It is very important that your child still follows the directions from their teacher and behaves well in all classes.

Please remember that all google classroom codes can be found here.