GCSE Religious Education

AQA GCSE Religious Education

  • Explore moral issues and life’s big questions
  • A GCSES in RE shows an open mind to different beliefs
  • Allows you to reflect on your own point of view on topics
  • Well received at colleges and universities
  • Studying RE GCSE is not about being religious, it is about establishing yourself as a person. It’s about knowing what you think and being aware of what others think.

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

Assessment is 100% examination. Each component will be assessed by a 1 hr 45 min exam at the end of year 11.     

Component 1 – Beliefs and Teachings/practices of Christianity and Islam. Christianity topics will include Holy Trinity, Jesus – Son of God V History, Life after death, Religious practices, Festivals. Islam will include the study of Sunni and Shi’a Muslims, beliefs about Allah, Angels, Prophets Life after death, 5  Pillars.    

Component 2 – Themes – You will explore the following 4 themes from the perspectives of different religions: Religion, Peace and Conflictviolence and war, pacifism. Religion, Crime and Punishment: Punishment, suffering, forgiveness.  Relationships and family: family equality, marriage, divorce, sexual relationships. Religion and Life: how the world began, how humanity began.  

What will I do in lessons?

There are 3 lessons per week. Lessons will follow the same structure as RE at KS3 opportunities to research information, lots of class debate and chance to explore challenging “ultimate questions.” Students will be well prepared in how to develop their written answers and exam technique to prepare for success at GCSE.

Where can RE take me? 

Colleges and employers value GCSE RE as a qualification which shows you have a broad understanding of the world and people.  A GCSE in RE shows you are able to analyse different opinions and communicate your own ideas.  Careers with a link to these RE skills include journalism, marketing, social care, psychology and psychotherapy, law, civil service.  

For more information please email Mrs Higgs.

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