Hospitality and Catering

WJEC Level 1 or 2 Award in Hospitality and Catering

  • Suitable for all pupils who have taken food as one of their year 9 Technology subjects
  • A relevant, extremely popular and successful subject that develops a wide range of practical and written skills
  • Assessed through a written exam and controlled assessment task
  • Relevant to the world of work, further study and future careers
  • Equivalent to GCSE and well received at colleges and university

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

Firstly, Hospitality and Catering is not a purely practical course! It is a course that has an important practical element. There are theory lessons too, that lead to a written exam which must be passed! This exam is 1hour 30 mins and taken in June of year 10 (and can be taken again in year 11 if required). This is worth 40% of the qualification.

There is also a controlled assessment task that is completed in year 11 worth 60% of the qualification. This includes a practical exam where your practical cooking skills are assessed.

 What will I do in lessons? 

There are 3 lessons a week. These are a mixture of theory (written) and practical .

You will study all aspects of Hospitality and Catering including; food requirements & nutrition, knowledge of food commodities, cooking methods and practical skills, food styling and presentation, the Hospitality and Catering industry, hygiene and safety legislation.

Where can Hospitality and Catering take me? 

It is a qualification that can point count for any further study, eg A Levels or other College course. It also develops life skills as we all eat and use Hospitality & Catering services

Courses at The Farnborough Academy which complement H&C include; Geography, PE-related courses, Science, Business.

College courses include Level 2 or 3 Hospitality & Catering, Level 3 Food Science

Apprenticeships in the Hospitality & Catering sector.

Degree related courses in Hospitality, Teaching, Food, Business management.

Possible career paths; Chef, Dietitian, Teaching, The food industry, Hospitality management, Marketing, Nursing.

For more information please email Mrs Tuckwood.

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