GCSE English Language

AQA GCSE English Language

  • English Language is an essential and exciting subject at The Farnborough Academy.
  • Success in GCSE English Language is commonly regarded, alongside GCSE Maths, as the benchmark for any future study.
  • English Language is mandatory for all students.

What will I study & how will I be assessed? 

You will explore a range of texts (Non-fiction and Fiction from the 19th, 20th and 21st Century) and engage with creative as well as real and relevant contexts. You will have opportunities to develop higher-order reading and critical thinking skills. You will also develop complex writing skills.  

Alongside your written work, you will also prepare for and complete an endorsement on Spoken Language; in which you will present on a topic of your choice to showcase your speaking and listening skills. 

These reading, writing and speaking skills are not only necessary for success in your English Language GCSE; but for success in all walks of life and whatever career path you choose! 

This course is 100% assessed through two exam papers: 

Paper 1 (50%): Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing (1hr 45mins) 

Paper 2 (50%): Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives (1hr 45mins) 

In order to do well on the course, you should read widely outside of lessons, make sure you read something you enjoy – it definitely should not be a hardship to read and hopefully the study of English at Farnborough will encourage your love for reading! 

 What will I do in lessons? 

You will have 5 lessons a week that will be split between English Language and English Literature. In your English Language lessons you will: practice reading and drawing inferences from texts; analyse the use of linguistic and structural techniques used by writers; compare texts and the way they present an idea; and evaluate texts based on particular viewpoints. You will also develop your skills of creative writing where you will have the opportunity to plan and write short stories, detailed descriptive pieces and opinion based texts. Ultimately, you will learn how language is used to effect, convince and evoke people; and you will learn how to do all of these things for yourself. As well as this you will have opportunities to take part in regular class discussion and debate and there will be plenty of opportunities to work independently and with others in your class.  

Where can English Language take me? 

English Language is a useful background for a variety of careers, including: Media, Journalism, Teaching, the Public Sector, Counselling and many others. But, for all these specific careers, there are thousands more that will require you to use the skills developed in this GCSE course every single day. 

For more information, please email Miss Tate or Ms Lancaster

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