Careers Programme

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A strategic objective throughout The Farnborough Academy is to ensure our pupils leave the Academy equipped with the skills to become the most employable young people.

Preparing our pupils for life post Farnborough has always been a major strength at the Academy and this was recently acknowledged, in 2019, when we were awarded the ‘Career Mark Gold’ accreditation. This award was assessed under the new government guidelines, implemented in January 2018 and Quality in Careers Standard National Criteria instructing that every school should begin using the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks to aid in improving careers provision. The award acknowledged that The Farnborough Academy had fully met this criterion, an achievement which is rare amongst other schools and something we are immensely proud of.

We ensure our careers programme is fully embedded into school structures starting from year 7 through to year 11.  We ensure that every pupil, by the age of 16, has had at least one career guidance interview delivered by a level 6 careers advisor. We keep systematic records of careers activities, for each individual pupil, in order to track throughout their time at the Academy. We deliver and engage in workshops which actively seek to challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations. Our bespoke ‘Accelerating Confidence’ project has enabled us to establish and maintain strong relationships with a number of businesses and we draw on these to provide workshops, interview skills, visits and assemblies. This project also allows pupils to have experiences of the workplace together with encounters with employers and employees.

We have strong links with local Universities and colleges which ensures our pupils have the opportunity to have encounters with further and higher education through visits and careers fairs. Our annual in house careers fair allows pupils and their parents to access information about future career paths and make independent, informed decisions about their future whilst accessing current labour market information. We also facilitate strategically planned ‘careers’ bright days to link with important transitional periods for each year group. Teachers actively highlight the relevance of STEM subjects and are also confident in talking about careers related to their own subject.

Specific plans are in place for groups of pupils who need tailored support to make effective career transitions. The careers programme is effectively managed by the Careers Lead; Clare Watson (Deputy Head) and Careers Coordinator; Rachel Boseley with support from staff ensuring a unified approach in delivering a positive experience to the pupils allowing them to develop their knowledge and skills as they progress through school.

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“Careers is delivered and supported in a variety of ways. There are a variety of stand-alone days and a range of partnerships with businesses and education providers which enhance the learning experience. Students are benefitting fully from these opportunities and are using them to develop their knowledge and understanding of career areas and educational options. It is raising aspirations and leading to students fully exploring available opportunities. Students are benefitting from the online resources available and are using them to develop their knowledge and skills. They have a very good awareness of careers opportunities and knowledge of the routes into them. Students are making education choices informed by their career ambitions and this is resulting in them being confident and happy with their direction.”

– A quote from the assessor, extracted from the report we received, when we achieved ‘Career mark Gold’

Careers Programme Q&A with Year 11 Students