BTEC Performing Arts

BTEC Technical Award in Performing Arts – Drama

  • Suitable for students who enjoy Acting or/and are interested in theatre and performing. 
  • A combination of written and practical work 
  • Pupils who enjoy watching theatre and learning about its history, dramatic techniques and styles 
  • Recognised as a transferable subject which develops skills such as communication, team work, confidence and creativity relevant to many career paths

What will I study and how will I be assessed? 

This course is split into three components which all include both practical and written work. Throughout Component One, you will look at the different roles of actor, director and the design team as well as learn the process of getting a play from page to stage. This is the only component assessed solely through written coursework, which takes the form of a research journal. In Component Two you will develop your acting skills and then apply these to a scripted group performance which is performed for assessment. This is combined with a written log of how you have developed your skills and a final evaluation. Components One and Two weigh 30% and are internally assessed. Component Three accounts for 60% and involves you creating their own performance in groups in response to a brief. You will learn how to create an original piece of Drama for a target audience and incorporate Dramatic techniques, whilst reflect on the creation process in a written log.  

What will I do in lessons? 

Typically, you will have one theory lesson a week where you will cover the written aspects of the course and two practical lessons a week. These practical lessons will be a mixture of exploring play texts through workshops, creating your own performances and performing scripted extracts. 

Where can Performing Arts take me? 

This course is a good route for careers directly related to performing and theatre such as actor, director, script writer, TV or radio presenter. The transferable skills gained in this subject, such as leadership and teamwork, also make it a relatable subject for a wide range of careers such as teaching, marketing, public speaking, business and management roles. 

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